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nico made for Coco Moon

My little twins were born 6 weeks early, which meant they were itty, itty, bitty for a really long time. They absolutely loved the comforting feel of a good swaddle, and it was really the only way we could get them to sleep at night.

When we were first contacted by Coco Moon I was still struggling to figure out this whole work-life balance thing (and I’m still trying to figure it out). But, despite our hectic schedules the opportunity to work with a new local company and create beautiful swaddle blankets was something I couldn’t pass up.

Amber (Coco Moon’s founder) had great vision for her company’s aesthetic. We worked together until we got the right colors, scale, and pattern, and in the end I think we created uniquely beautiful designs that are sweet and true to the Island-style vibe of Amber’s vision.

As a designer, it’s extremely fulfilling to see Coco Moon become sought-after, and as a local business owner, it’s so great to see another woman-run business blossom. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Check out some of the custom prints we created ...

coco moon 1

coco moon 2

coco moon 3

coco moon 4coco moon 5