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We got your pictures covered, literally.

Nico Made for PAS-POL

Nico Made teamed up with PAS-POL, the Japan-based travel inspired lifestyle brand, to create three photo album covers (shown left to right- Beach Day, Aloha Pineapple, Mahalo Hibiscus). PAS-POL is all about evoking the desire to travel, and Nico Made’s goal is to transport you to the tropics though design, so it only seemed fitting that we would collaborate on a project that promotes traveling to paradise.

In a digital-filled era, it’s nice to actually have photos that one can have and hold, as opposed to just swiping through on your phone. It’s kind of like getting that handwritten card in the mail (wink, wink), as opposed to an email. It creates a personal connection, and we are all about fostering those personal connections.

Update: We are so flattered to have our very own project profile on Pas-Pol's website. Check it out here (and if you can read Japanese, let us know what it says ... all good things we hope ;)

Photo courtesy PAS-POL