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Lissa and Jeff wedding invite suite: Old Hawaiiana meets Modern Luxe

Posted on February 26, 2018 by Info @nicomade | 0 comments

It is always an honor to be able to creatively contribute to weddings, particularly when it comes to wedding invitations. From a design standpoint I like the challenge of taking a couple’s vision and aesthetics and transforming them into the tangible. 

Lissa and Jeff were getting married at Kiholo Bay. It is literally off-the-beaten-path and therefore one of the most majestic places on the Big Island of Hawaii. The bay has ties to Hawaiian royalty and is a safe haven for local marine life. Like I said, it is a pretty special place.

Lissa wanted her invitations to evoke an old-time Hawaiiana vibe, and also embrace the simplistic natural elements of the location: lava rock shores, towering palms, and stark kiawe trees. For the main invitation, our focus was on creating the signature Kiholo Bay with kiawe tree silhouette. The detailed coconut tree illustrations were created with the finest-point pen to help give its etched look, and the color palette was limited, which helped provide a sophisticated vintage feel. A simple L & J monogram was also created, and used with the palm illustrations throughout the invitation suite, including custom postage stamps. Day-of elements, such as menu cards, food station signs, and itinerary cards were also designed with matching colors and graphics to tie it all together.

The invitations were printed on sumptuous triple-thick premium paper stock and coordinated with luxurious European style envelopes and liners. 

Lissa and Jeff Wedding 1Lissa and Jeff Wedding 2

Lissa and Jeff Wedding 3

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Printable Fall Place Card

Posted on November 13, 2017 by Nicole Ferrara | 0 comments

We love holiday gatherings - the food, the drinks, the laughs, the drinks - it’s all so much fun! 

We also understand how busy everyone is during this time of year, but our downloadable Fall place cards are a fast way to spruce up your holiday table setting. 

You’ll be able to pump these out in no time, and then get back to the fun stuff, like the drinks and laughs. 

PS - Not hosting this year? These make for a thoughtful hostess gift. Just make them ahead of time and help your hostess prep the table. She’ll thank you for it!

the Nico Made team

Step 1-Cut

Step 2-Fold

Step 3-Write

Fall Place Card

Here’s your 5-step guide to a fresh Fall table setting: 

1) PRINT: our printable Fall place card (available here)

2) CUT: using scissors or paper cutter (many print shops have these available for your use)

3) FOLD: lengthwise

4) WRITE: since these are 2-sided we think it’s fun to write a name on one side, and a phrase or nickname on the other.


Ta-da!! Table setting on point. 

PSS- Yes, that is a Mickey Mouse band-aid that I'm sporting, and while I realize it makes for less than perfect images, I like to think it's the official "look" of crafty moms everywhere. XOXO!

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We got your pictures covered, literally.

Posted on July 03, 2017 by Nicole Ferrara | 0 comments

Nico Made for PAS-POL

Nico Made teamed up with PAS-POL, the Japan-based travel inspired lifestyle brand, to create three photo album covers (shown left to right- Beach Day, Aloha Pineapple, Mahalo Hibiscus). PAS-POL is all about evoking the desire to travel, and Nico Made’s goal is to transport you to the tropics though design, so it only seemed fitting that we would collaborate on a project that promotes traveling to paradise.

In a digital-filled era, it’s nice to actually have photos that one can have and hold, as opposed to just swiping through on your phone. It’s kind of like getting that handwritten card in the mail (wink, wink), as opposed to an email. It creates a personal connection, and we are all about fostering those personal connections.

Update: We are so flattered to have our very own project profile on Pas-Pol's website. Check it out here (and if you can read Japanese, let us know what it says ... all good things we hope ;)

Photo courtesy PAS-POL


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Nico Made and Kahala Mall collaborate again for Mother’s Day

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You had me at aloha tote bagYou had me at aloha tote bag 2

I was so honored when Kahala Mall approached me to collaborate with them for a second time on a special Mother’s Day tote bag. Kahala Mall is a special client to work with – they respect and understand the family-work-life balance, which can be very difficult to maintain as a mom-run small business owner.

I’m always juggling work and two lively toddler boys so I know the importance of a good “grab-and-go” tote. It needs to be sturdy, big enough to hold the “momsentials” like wipes, snacks, and water bottles, but not too big that it’s cumbersome to carry. I really think we hit the nail on the head with this tote, both in functionality and its “looks cute with everything-ness.”

These bags are limited editions, and are only available through Kahala Mall. So, how do you get your hands on one, you ask? It’s simple:
1) Shop at Kahala Mall during May 1 - May 14
2) SAVE your paper receipts because when you spend a combined total of $200 (and that includes all those purchases from Whole Foods) you get this bag for FREE. Yep, Free!
You can see all the promo details here.

This tote goes out to all the hard working mamas. You know who you are.

Nico Made


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Coco Moon expands line with products featuring Nico Made prints

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nico made aloha print leggings

Local mama, entrepreneur and swaddle maven, Coco Moon, has done it again. The Honolulu-based company initially started with a collection of swaddle blankets, which we were so honored to have designed. Now, the company has expanded into crib sheets, towel sets, and clothing which feature designs by Nico Made. We worked with Coco Moon to re-size and scale our designs so the prints would work better on those itsy baby clothes and teeny towels, and using their creative superpowers Coco Moon created the cutest little baby outfits that you ever did see (some OMG items - those leggings and this hat).

nico made pineapple print baby gown and hat

nico made honu turtle print bath towel

nico made pineapple print and shark print

Photos courtesy of Coco Moon


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nico made as seen in Vogue

Posted on November 15, 2016 by Nicole Ferrara | 0 comments

As if designing wallpaper for the super rad Surfjack hotel wasn’t amazing enough, this happened – nico made was highlighted in Vogue for our work done in said hotel. Ahhh, pinch me because this might be one of my biggest OMG moments yet!

It’s tough being a creative entrepreneur. You constantly second-guess yourself, your skills, your projects. And then every now an then, you have an amazing moment like this, and it’s like pure rhapsody for your creative spirit.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Surfjack, you need to. Like now. It’s dripping in creative sauce and is a wonderland for photogaphiles. Oh, and while you are there, make sure to take a selfie and post it to Instagram. Because Vogue, that’s why.

Surfjack Pool

Photo: Courtesy of Brooke Dombrowski
Pool lettering by Matt Tapia

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Taking a chance leads to big rewards | Creating wallpaper for the Surfjack Hotel

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I’ve always dreamed of creating my own wallpaper, but it was something that I stuffed into my “that would be awesome, but I doubt it will ever happen” basket. Well, a year ago I must have really been putting out positive design vibes, because the stars aligned and I was presented with the opportunity to create wallpaper for a new hotel in Waikiki. My reaction was somewhere along the lines of, “whaaaaat?!? OMG! whaaaat?! No way! Yes, I'm in”

The hotel project was sort of “under-wraps-slash-hush-hush”, so I wasn’t given too many details. I didn’t know the hotel name, brand, location, or size. Oh, and of course it was somewhat of a rush project. All these things would normally raise red flags for me, but I honestly think I was so excited for the opportunity to fulfill a creative dream that I just took a chance and went for it. Soon after signing on with the project I learned that several local artist would be tapped for various projects and I instantly knew in my heart that I took the right chance at the right time.

Fast forward several months and it’s unveiled that the project is for the Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club (which happens to be the coolest - check out their vibe), the wallpaper is up (and I’m in love), and I’m happy to report the project was a smash hit on so many levels. The hotel renovation was part of a movement that encouraged uniqueness and selfless progression. I’ve made friends with so many talented artists and pushed the boundaries of my creativity and confidence. 

Nothing would have been possible without the vision of the talented people at The Vanguard Theory and commitment to unique design by the Surfjack Hotel and Swim Club. Mahalo!!

At the Surfjack opening party. Hey, look, that's me!

Working on the scale of the pattern. The bigger and bolder, the better!

Touring the property with Michelle of The Vanguard Theory.

The devil is in the details. Surfjack branded crates for in-room dining service.

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